Policy Whispers

So many policies, so many buzz words, so much confusion!

Policy Whispers is all about demystifying the jargon associated with community-based approaches. We’ve linked up with local and national partners – NHS Health Scotland, Audit Scotland, the Scottish Community Development Centre and Crossreach – to find out more about the Community Empowerment Act, the Christie Commission, co-production, asset-based approaches, evidence, participatory budgeting, Community Planning Partnerships, Public Sector Reform, participation requests, targets vs outcomes and creative community engagement.

We’ve also been speaking to Audit Scotland about how you go about getting these approaches ‘quality assured’. Or as we like to put it, how do you validate the feels?

Key Terms



Asset-based approaches

Asset-based approaches

What is evidence?

Community Empowerment Act

Wider terms

Creative Community Engage…

The Christie Commission

Participatory Budgeting

Community Planning Partner…

Public Sector Reform

Targets vs Outcomes

Validating the Feels

Participation Requests

Planet Caramel

Still confused? Maybe our comedians can help!

Planet Caramel work us through their journey of trying to get their heads round Measuring Humanity and co-production, asset-based approaches and the Community Empowerment Act.

Measuring Humanity


Asset-based approaches

Community Empowerment Act

Planet Caramel's Community Empowerment Act

Linking to Policy

Originally when we thought of Measuring Humanity this was centered around creating an Asset Based Indicator framework to measure asset based approaches. These were some of our early findings, these are examples of how to local national and international policies. Our thinking has changed significantly though – one of key questions now is why we are measuring?