Art is Everywhere in North Lanarkshire

Look around you. What do you see? That’s art. Art is Everywhere in North Lanarkshire. Not just in galleries and on walls, in books and frames. Art isn’t just a place you go to or a thing some creative people do. It’s in every relationship, every conversation. It’s what makes us human.

Margaret poses in front of her sewing machine.
A boy does a one-arm handstand in a river surrounded by sprays of water.
Performance artists Holly Worton and Yas Mawer dancing in Strathclyde Park.
David positions miniature figures on a sandwich under a railway bridge.
A cameraman films two council workers in their van through the windscreen.
A girl throws her hair around while dancing.

Meet The Artists

A key part of Art Is Everywhere has been connecting with artists living and working in North Lanarkshire. We want to fill the area with amazing art that is accessible and everywhere. To get the ball rolling, we invited artists to apply for grants to produce work that is relevant to their community and made people think differently about what art is. We managed to fund eight projects in the fields of photography, film, community arts, dance, mixed-media and performance art.

David Gilliver

David Gilliver: Art is Everywhere (if you look closely enough)
David uses tweezers to position a tiny figure.

Art is Everywhere

(If you look closely enough)

David Gilliver is a photographer, artist and recent winner in the macro photography category at the British Photography Awards, 2022. David has created a series of miniature scenes or ‘dioramas’ that question our relationship with the place in which we live.


Overdrive Dance: Status:Changed
Overdrive: Status:Changed

Status: Changed

Overdrive Dance Company engages male identifying young people with dance and creative movement. They present Status:Changed – a contemporary dance performance reworked by the young people involved and filmed in various locations around North Lanarkshire.

Wullie Elliott

Wullie Elliott: Positive Images of Ageing
Wullie Elliott: Positive Images of Ageing

Positive Images of Ageing

Wullie Elliott took up photography at the age of 67. For Art Is Everywhere, he has created a
stunning series of portraits showing older people in a positive light; doing the things that
they love, which provide them with purposeful living in later years.

Holly & Yas

Holly Worton & Yas Mawer: Working (C)Lassies
Holly and Yas do hopscotch up the path in Strathclyde Park

Working (C)Lassies

Holly Worton and Yas Mawer are multi-disciplinary and performance artists respectively. Working C(Lasses) is a site-specific performance art piece exploring stories of Working Class women across the North Lanarkshire area.

Ryan Pollock

Ryan Pollock: Bluebird
A man stares intensely at the camera.


Ryan Pollock is a 23-year-old writer and filmmaker from Wishaw. His film Bluebird tells the story of an unfulfilled litter picker, searching for the meaning that his life has always seemed to lack, and growing concerned at a volatile domestic situation in the neighbouring flat.

Emma Ferla

Emma Ferla: Referlished Trash Art
Artist Emma Ferla sits in front of her bottle top mural.

Referlished: Trash Art

Emma Ferla is an artist and jewellery designer who cares deeply about plastic waste and the climate challenge. Inspired by the woodlands and nature reserves that surround her home, Emma has created three visual art pieces using plastic waste and bottle tops.

Eilidh Manson

Eilidh Manson: Junk to Funk
A flower made from recycled aluminium cans.

Junk to Funk

Eilidh Manson is a visual arts tutor and mixed-media artist working across North Lanarkshire. She has a passion for giving old things a new life, and worked with community groups across North Lanarkshire turning discarded items into pieces of art.

Kim Beveridge

Kim Beveridge: What does it feel to be a young woman in North Lanarkshire today?
Three young woman walk away from the camera up an alley.


Kim Beveridge is a digital artist, filmmaker, AV designer and part-time lecturer. Kim created and filmed a series of dance performance pieces in collaboration with New College Lanarkshire Film & TV dept and New Clan Arts. Inspired by the online communities found on social medial platforms, the piece explores themes of self-exploration, class and place.

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