Ryan Pollock Bluebird

Ryan Pollock is a 23-year-old writer and filmmaker from Wishaw. Gritty, engaging and beautifully shot, Bluebird tells the story of an unfulfilled litter picker, searching for the meaning that his life has always seemed to lack, and growing concerned at a volatile domestic situation in the neighbouring flat.

Bluebird is inspired by a multitude of local characters, wanderers, and strangers who struggle quietly through hard, solitary lives in these kinds of places. Lonely, trapped, forgotten people, surrounded by violence; disillusioned, lost and angry.

Bluebird was filmed almost entirely in the soon-to-be demolished neighbourhood of Gowkthrapple in Wishaw. Ryan hopes that Bluebird can, at least in some small way, immortalise it.

Bluebird is playing in Bellshill Cultural Centre every 30mins through March and April.

CONTENT WARNING: Suitable for adults only. This film features alcohol & tobacco use, themes of domestic violence and explicit violence.

Contact Bellshill Cultural Centre for more information on how to view Bluebird.