Holly Worton & Yas Mawer Working (C)Lasses

Holly Worton and Yas Mawer are multi-disciplinary and performance artists respectively. Holly explores the use of materials, physical exhaustion, conversation and play to interrogate the relationship between her experience and the wider world. Yas works with themes such as feminism, class, mental health, and ecology (among others).

Working (C)Lasses is a site-specific performance art piece that took place in Strathclyde Park. It explores stories of Working Class women across the North Lanarkshire area. Through childhood games, music and audio, Holly and Yas navigate their way through the complexities of what it was like to grow up as a working class women and how that has changed over time. They spoke to several working class women in the North Lanarkshire area and their stories are shared in an audio piece that frames the performance. They dance, they laugh, they play and they reflect on the joy and difficulty of being working class women.

Instagram: hollywortonartist
Instagram: yasmawerartist